13 Best Hemp Flower To Try in 2021

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Whether you are dealing with anxiety, depression, or simply need a boost in your moods and energy levels, CBD hemp flower has got your back. But, when it comes to hemp flowers, there are plenty of flavor options and brands to choose from.

Although the availability of multiple options is great, however, it can complicate things when choosing a product out of a list of a hundred. If you are in the same boat, don’t worry. We have got you covered. Here are the 13 best hemp flowers to try in 2021.

1.  JustCBD Hemp Flower

JustCBD is a leading brand that has been dominating the world of CBD. It features quality products that go through a rigorous testing process to ensure all of the ingredients used in its products are up to the mark. The brand has also been featured in various international publications, including US Magazine, Mens Journal, and Kansas City Magazine.

Just CBD Hemp Flower is one of the most sought-after rolling hemp strains featuring the purest form of CBD. It has a rather funky flavor which is not only pleasant but its aroma also makes the overall experience better.

With 7g of Hemp Flower in a jar, all you need is one single strain, and your stress, depression, and anxiety will go away. A few puffs in and you will feel a sudden wave of relaxation that will last for much longer than any other means of CBD intake.

2.  Root Wellness – Hemp Flower – Bloom Pre-Roll 2-Pack

Root wellness’ hemp flower bloom features 2 pre-rolls per pack with 1 gram of CBD flower per roll. The CBD used in root wellness’ products is of the highest quality and is the primary reason why it has made it to our list of top hemp products.

The best part about this product is the fact that it is entirely non-GMO and perfectly legal all across the US.  Whether you smoke it on a crazy Monday morning, or prior to going to bed, it will work wonders.

 It will clear your head of the negativity that has been surrounding you and has been slowing you down. Featuring over 15.81% cannabinoids in a single roll, the relaxing effects are not only guaranteed but are also meant to stay.

3.  Erth – Hemp Flower – Kingston Kush 4-Pack Pre-Rolls

Are you worried about stress taking over your mind? Or, has it already taken over your mind and is not allowing you to feel relaxed and focused on the happy moments of life. If your reply was “yes” to both of the questions above, Erth Hemp Flower Kingston Kush is precisely what you need.

Featuring over a whopping 16% of cannabinoids in a roll, get ready to wipe away your work stress and calm your mind after a stressful work day. With 100% hemp and under 0.3% Delta-9 THC, all you need is one strain of Erth’s hemp flower Kingston Kush. 

Within seconds of taking a few puffs, your brain will not be racing for thoughts anymore. You will feel relaxed, more focused, calm, and free from all the thoughts that have been worrying you.

4.  Neurogan, Inc. – Cbd Flower – Neurogettes – 1200mg

Neurogan’s dedication towards the betterment of the society can be seen from the dedication they put into the name “Neurogettes.” Elegant, classy, and the name itself screams quality! Featuring 20 hemp cigarettes in a pack, you will not have to worry about anxiety, stress, or losing focus.

With 60 mg of CBD per cigarette, one would be more than enough to wipe away your stress. You can either get one pack to try or get a carton if you’re impressed with the results, which is undeniable.

The 60 mg of CBD in each cigarette will not only improve your focus and mood but also provide you with other health benefits as well. It will allow you to have better joint mobility and also provide your body’s inflammatory system a boost.

5.  Avid Hemp – Cbd Flower – Hawaiian Haze:

If you’re looking for something that isn’t just your ordinary strain, Avid Hemp CBD Flower Hawaiian Haze will do justice to your taste buds. It features a 3.5 gram strength of CBD flower which is more than enough to keep you relaxed while you work your way through the day.

It’s unique flavor is what set’s this apart from other CBD hemp flowers. Besides, you can also avail a 7 gram strength if you’re more of an avid user. All you need to do is roll this CBD flower and experience the instant results of smoking CBD.

On taking a single puff, you will notice pineapple and citrus like tones that will  make you crave for more. To top it off, the floral tones also enrich your experience further which will make the overall experience pleasant and ensure your head is cleared from all the troublesome thoughts.

6.  Nava – Cbd Pod – Full Spectrum Unwind Flower Pouch

Nava CBD Pod Full spectrum flower pouches are more of an on-the-go type of hemp flower to ensure you stay relaxed, focused, and away from stress on your long trips. Featuring a nice, space friendly box, you can leave your house with 20 CBD flour pouches.

The idea behind winding hemp flower into pouches is to provide you with ease of usability when you’re looking for that much needed boost on your hectic and tiresome trips, be it for a business meeting or family visits.

With the right mix of ingredients, featuring 3.5 grams of flower you get a product that is not only 100% pure, but also effective in terms of performance. One pouch is more than enough to calm you both physically and mentally.

7.  Hemp General Store – Cbd Flower – Magic Bullet #5 – 7g

Smoking CBD or Hemp Flower is essentially the only way to experience the magical effects of CBD in its purest form. Hemp General Store’s CBD Flower Magic Bullet is no exception when it comes to the purity and the quality of its ingredients.

It is entirely based on US grown hemp that guarantees potency and ensure you get a premium product, from packaging to the look and effectiveness of the actual hemp flower. The 7 grams pack allows you to roll a strain at any time of the day.

Be it for your sleep issues or for tiresome and boring Mondays, Hemp General Store’s CBD flower strain will always have your back. It will provide you with an instant hit of calmness, focus, and a boost in your energy irrespective of the time of the day.

8.  Snapz – Hemp Flower – Blueberry Menthol Hemp Smokez

Snapz Hemp Flower is not your ordinary strain and is more of a getaway from the traditional hemp flowers. Featuring a unique and luscious blueberry menthol flavor, your taste buds will be presented with an experience of a lifetime.

The credits for the luscious flavor goes to the filter used in the rolls/smokes. But, at the back end you still get hemp flower in its purest form to ensure you do not miss out on your getaway from the harsh realities of the world.

One puff in, and you’ll instantly feel the cooling sensation of menthol combined with the undeniably luscious blueberry flavor. While you enjoy the flavor, the hemp flower will work its way towards your brain to clear up your headspace and calm you down after busy back to back meetings.

9.  Essence Smokes – Hemp Flower – Premium Cbg

Looking for something that is premium and classy, yet effective? Essence Smokes Hemp Flower is precisely what you need. Grab a pack, tuck it in your side pocket, and stop worrying about not finding peace of mind on a boring mid-week office day.

The hemp used in Essence Smokes’ Hemp Flower smokes is entirely natural and is grown in the US. It is thoroughly tested in Labs to ensure the end product does not have to compromise on quality or effectiveness, whatsoever.

Packed with a whopping 1000 mg of CBD “Cannabigerol”, all you will need is 1 hemp smoke to relax after spending a mid-week day in the office. Whether you smoke it during your lunch break or after getting home, it will rejuvenate your energy levels within seconds.

10. Snapz – Hemp Flower – Strawberry Menthol Hemp Smokez

Snapz Hemp Flower Smokez is becoming the go-to for many people who are fetching a product with unique luscious flavors to go with their hemp needs. There are plenty of flavors to choose from but our personal pick and the most favorited flavor is the strawberry menthol.

Smoking hemp flower will give you a headstart if you have back to back business presentations due for the day or have to meet potential investors. In either scenario, anxiety may mess with your head and Snapz’ Hemp Flower Strawberry Menthol Hemp Smokez will help prevent that.

The menthol strawberry duo will further improve the overall experience and make smoking worth your time. The effects take a few seconds to appear and once they do, they stay for a very long time so you do not have to worry about losing focus.

11. Erth – Hemp Flower – Two Hawk 4-Pack Pre-Rolls

Tranquility comes at a cost but it doesn’t mean you cannot avail it. With Erth Hemp Flower, tranquility is just a strain away. Featuring a whopping 17% cannabinoids, and a touch of Delta-9 THC levels under 0.3%, one roll is all you need.

Don’t worry about the number of rolls. You still have 3 more to smoke in a pack. Daytime stress will eat you up and lower your productivity levels if you follow the same routine for months, but, not anymore.

The California grown hemp will undoubtedly provide you with the results that you need. With every puff you take, you will feel the stress leaving your body. By the time you’re done smoking, all you’ll be left with is a cleared headspace!

12. Nava – Cbd Pod – Full Spectrum Uplift Flower Pouch

Uplifting your energy levels, or uplifting your moods, in either case, Nava CBD pod full spectrum uplift flower pouch would work wonders. Losing focus through the day is pretty common on a busy day at work but with the Nava hemp strains, you will not have to worry about it anymore.

It can easily classify for your strain o’ the day considering how significantly it uplift’s your moods. Packed with 100% pure, all-natural, and tested ingredients, you get a product that is not only effective but also eliminates any possible risks of being exposed to impurities.

The Sativa hemp strain blended with a perfect mix of CBD/CBG and terpenes will ensure stress, anxiety, depression never sets foot in your headspace, which is why it has made it to our list of the best hemp flowers to try in 2021.

13. Root Wellness – Hemp Flower – Cbg Bud Bag

Root wellness’ Hemp flower CBG Bud Bag gets to the roots of your nerves and tackles all of the thoughts and stress that has been keeping you up at night. Ideal for a bedtime strain, it will steer your brain away from the thoughts that keep your mind racing.

With a whopping 13.36% of total CBD and over 4 grams of CBD flower per bud bag, all you’ll need is a few puffs 30 minutes before going to bed. The results are instant and will ensure stress, anxiety, and depression goes for good.

While the results are instant and you will be sleeping better from day 1, frequent usage will further improve your health by ensuring you receive a good 8 hour sleep every single day. This will also allow you to wake up with raised energy levels in the morning.


Smoking Hemp flower is one of the best and most efficient ways of experiencing the relaxing effects of CBD. Smoking CBD provides you with fast-acting results and features higher effectiveness compared to other means of CBD.

All you need is a few puffs and all of your stress, anxiety, and depression will go away. Within minutes, you will feel much relaxed, focused on your goals for the day!

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